179 Win with Navy winners shared $707,000 in prizes since 2015

Win with Navy is a fortnightly raffle for Navy members with a minimum $6,000 prize pool drawn every payday. Prizes include cash, travel vouchers and shopping vouchers.  There are several larger prize pools throughout the year between $10-$30,000.  Surplus funds from the Win with Navy raffle go to Ship’s Funds, RAN Relief Trust Fund, Navy Sports Council as well as providing lifestyle and recreational benefits for Navy members through disbursements and grants. Participation in each fortnightly draw allows the Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Fund to work toward the mission of providing sustainable recreational and lifestyle benefits to serving Navy members. To be eligible you need to be Permanent Navy, or Sercat 3, 5, 6 or 7.  Tickets are $2 each with a bonus ticket in the draw when you spend $10. Become a member today by clicking the link below and don’t forget to follow Win with Navy on Facebook for winner announcements.


Navy Canteens regularly review state and territory legislation for conducting raffles and where applicable obtain relevant permits.  Appropriate approvals have been sought from the Chief of Navy.

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