Ticketing Membership

Navy Canteens Ticketing offers a personalised entertainment booking service providing discounted tickets and preferential seating to all Australian Navy, Army, Air Force and Defence APS personnel.


Membership is free and ongoing for all Navy personnel (permanent, reserves and retired).

For Army, RAAF, APS and Contractors, annual membership provides access to:

  • personalised service by Navy Canteens Ticketing staff to secure tickets to shows and sports events
  • eNewsletters with availability of upcoming shows and special offers
  • discounted tickets when available
  • preferential booking times and seating when available
  • free tickets to shows and events when available
  • discounted holiday and hotel accommodation where available.

MembershipAnnual FeeMembershipAnnual Fee

Navy (permanent, reserves and retired)


Australian Defence Public Servant


Army and RAAF


Defence Contractor


Army and RAAF



Membership is not transferable. All paid memberships are valid for 12 months and require renewal each year. Australian Defence Public Servant membership is only valid whilst employed by Defence and cannot be used whilst on maternity or long service leave. Defence Contactor membership is only valid for the duration of their contract with Defence and cannot be used whilst on maternity or long service leave.

If you can’t remember your membership number click here to have your details automatically emailed to you.

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