Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans

Navy Canteens offers a grants and loans program to extend monetary grants and loans to ships, sport and welfare activities that benefit the Navy family.

All applications are reviewed by the Grants Committee which consists of WO Andrew Bertoncin Grants (Committee Chair) and CMDR Nicole Mann.

All applications must have the endorsement of a Commanding Officer to be considered by the Grants Committee.

Before commencing your application, please contact the Grants Committee secretariat on 0499 628 996 or one of the Grants Committee members to discuss you application.

All completed applications can be emailed to

HMAS Cerberus RAN Recruit School Brass Plaque for Jordan Club $594
HMAS Leeuwin Gratuitous Issue of Caps and Patches $1,143
NUSHIP Sydney Loan for Initial Purchase of Stock for Functioning Canteen $30,000
NUSHIP Sydney Purchase Initial Stock for Functioning Canteen $9,300
NUSHIP Sydney Ball Caps and Patches $1,800
HMAS Creswell Christmas Party $3,000
HMAS Cerberus HMAS Cerberus Christmas Party $2,500
HMAS Harman HMAS Harman Christmas Party $5,000

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