Penny Royal Launceston

Cliff Adventures

Experience the thrill of the cliff walk as you make your way across a dozen rope bridges suspended above the Penny Royal, it all starts here…
Or challenge yourself on the indoor and outdoor rock climbing walls. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, launch yourself off the 20 metre cliff jump and fly on the zip lines that propel you 100 metres across the grounds

Brig Tamar Cruise

Brig Tamar Cruise, Cannon fire and Sarah Island Ghosts. Sail the lagoon, learn about Matthew Brady, exchange cannon fire and meet the ghosts of Sarah Island.
Tour takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. No minimum age

The Matthew Brady Dark Ride

Travel back in time to Van Diemen’s Land. Jump aboard a barge and immerse yourself in the daring escapades of notorious bushranger Matthew Brady in 1825

Fast and Scenic Zips

Get the best view of the complex as you zip along over the top.  Experience the thrill of flying across Penny Royal on our fast and scenic Zips! A thrilling ride not for the faint-hearted



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