Myth meets modern woman in this contemporary reimagining of the Lorelei legend.

Three sirens of song – the Lorelei – sit atop the cliffs of the River Rhine enchanting sailors with their alluring songs. The Lorelei take no prisoners, with sailors losing their focus… and ultimately their lives on the rocks below.

But are the Lorelei growing tired of singing sailors to their deaths? Can they help being so irresistible?

Join Ali McGregor, Antoinette Halloran and Dimity Shepherd for this tantalising journey of self-discovery combining cabaret, burlesque and opera.

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Concert Hall, The QPAC

Saturday 06 March 2021 – Saturday 13 March 2021

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Saturday 06 March, 7:30pm
Wednesday 10 March, 1:30pm
Thursday 11 March, 7:30pm
Saturday 13 March, 1:30pm

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