Locked In Escape Rooms

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Locked in Escape Rooms, Mornington is an exciting place for friends and family to be immersed in a live, interactive adventure.

Teams chose from one of the four fully themed rooms, and must work together to explore their environment, find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room before their time is up. One hour on the clock and time is ticking.

Experiences available for ages 7 to 97 and group sizes from 2 to 24.

The Wizard’s Lair
You and your team of apprentice wizards have been captured by an evil wizard and are trapped in his lair.  Can you escape before he returns to curse you all?

Nova: Mission to Mars
You and your team are colonists of NOVA:Mission to Mars, but disaster is looming. Can you restart your ship and escape before it is too late?

Mornington has lost power.  The hospital is desperate.  Can you enter the Carbine Power Station that was closed back in 1972 and restore power to the town?

The Missing
Across the Mornington Peninsula people have been disappearing.  Do you dare to enter the suspect’s shack and see what you can find?  You will need to escape before he returns and you become one of the missing.

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